GUAM Round Trip Under $900 (from SFO or LAX).
Online in 3 easy steps.  

To our mainland based alumni, use Manila as your backdoor gateway to Guam and let foreign competition work to your benefit.

Yes, your journey shall take longer compared to United Airlines (via Honolulu), but your airfare savings may be up to $1000. This could be your dream ticket to an affordable 2020 GUAM Reunion and vacation. Let’s find out and explore.

FIRST STEP - Visit SKYSCANNER.COM or or download their travel apps on your smart phone.

SECOND STEP - Search your RT to Manila. 

THIRD STEP - Search RT from Manila to Guam.

In summary, with (2 Pairs) of Round Trips properly aligned, your city destination timeline sequence shall look like this: SFO-MNL-GUAM-MNL-SFO.

Disclaimer - Since both RT tickets are independent of each other, make sure you sequence dates/departure times and allow for leeway in case of delays.

Be decisive, realistic and buy an acceptable online offer. Fares are often non-refundable after 24 hours purchase, so be careful to avoid penalties.

I would be happy to guide you. Just let me know at 916-671-0151.

I have traveled to Guam 3 times this way. Added bonus - an adventure side trip to Manila, twice.

And of course, I'll be doing it again in March 2020 for the JFK Reunion, this time with Seoul as my gateway Asian city. If its less than $900 (very likely), its good enough for me. 

Last but not least, for those who are Guam based and thinking of visiting the US West Coast on the cheap, these methods work (in reverse). Try it.

In conclusion, with a little flexibility, there are alternatives to United Airlines that may save you serious money - with Free check-in baggage plus meals, and not to forget, a bonus side trip to an Asian city (your backdoor gateway).

What do you think? Try it now and feel free to share your results.
The time has come. GO ISLANDERS!