With the first graduating class in 1960, Tumon-JFK High School, symbolizes the American dream of Guam’s war survivors and the thousands of immigrants who helped rebuild the island.

Today’s JFK, as it was then and now, remains fully college accredited and in microcosm reflects America’s cultural diversity, aspirations and accomplishments.

Shortly after President JFK’s death, the 1965 Guam Legislature appropriated $2K seed funding for a full size bronze statue. The local community including immigrants, through its many civic groups, heeded the call for donations and completed the project in 1970.

Unfortunately, its living symbol and icon – The JFK Statue, no longer exists – a victim of time, weather and budget constraints. For over 10 years, local grassroots efforts to replace the statue have stalled.

But there is HOPE, with your help.

Tumon JFK alumni, the majority who now live in the US mainland, have been reunited through the internet, social media, Guam visits and reunion gatherings.

THE GOAL – To build a new statue in time for the school’s 60th graduating anniversary in 2020 and help inspire future generations of alumni. 

Phase I funding requires $25K for a life size bronze statue. Phase II requires $25K for plaza base refurbishment, historical marker, night lighting and long term maintenance.

We call upon you, JFK’s early generation of alumni - 60's, 70s, 80s and 90s - to heed the call. Like our parents who built and supported the school and the first JFK statue, we’ll build it strong to last 100 years.

As we prepare to gather in Guam for our schools 60th anniversary in March, 2020,  we kindly ask for your donations to make this project a reality. Thousands of volunteer hours and seed funding have been donated in this continuing process. If you are in a position to help with a donation, kindly do so below.


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