Chairperson: Eddie Cruz  - Class '75
 Co-Chairperson: Wesley Sison - Class '76
Bobbie Paulino Meno - Class '76

Class Point of Contact/Coordinating Team

1965 - Edith Iriarte
1966 - Julie Lujan Torres - email:
1967 - Peter Alexcis Ada - email:
1968 - Gloria Wusstig Borja - email:
1969 - Elizabeth Cruz, Therese S.N. Perez - email:
1970 - Ben Servino - email: , Margaret Blas
1971 - Janet Toves Ignacio - email:, Art Apilado, Gerry Dominguez, Steven Thomas
1972 - Nora Z. Perez - email:, Joseph P. Duenas - email:, Lillian Casimiro Duenas - email:, Rosalinda Miranda Burkhart, Nora P Villagomez
1973 - Bobbie Punzalan Taitano - email:, Stephen Guerrero - email:, Toni Guerrero
1974 - Sarah Thomas Nededog - email:, Barbara Benavente - email:, Gloria Duenas Cruz - email:, Rick Gomba
1975 - John Benavente, Natividad Ungos Pisaro - email:
1976 - David Punzalan - email:, Roni Borja Salonga, Gary Herrero - email:, Patricia Bamba Sajo - email:, June Perez - email:, Veronica Borja Salango - email:, Carol Presa - email:, Noel Presa - email:
1977 - Geri Flores - email:, Denise Cruz - email:, Rosie Punzalan Herrero - email:, Dave Duenas - email:, Mary Aguon - email:, Helen Atalig
1978 - Laura Viegas Dacanay, Minlin Hsieh, Michael P. Quinata - email:
1979 - Bobbie Leddy - email:
1980 - Monica Pido - email:, Lily Delos Santos - email:
1981 - Alan Torrado - email:
1982 - Alfredo Mendoza - email: Christopher Saymo, Emily Gajo
1983 - Marvin & Judy Eustaquio Manibusan - email:, Matt Quinata - email:, Norma Lizama Salas - email:, Bertha Taijeron - email:
1984 - Maria Cura Ramos - email:, Joe Rios - email:
1985 - Alfredo Antolin, Eliseo Florig, Charlotte Dimarucut Huntsman - email:, Myrna Lizama - email:
1986 - Eloisa Dimarucut Hudson - email:, Emelda Corbilla, Louisa Borja Muna - email:
1987 - Paula Perez Siguenza
1988 - Nida Quilenderino - email:
1989 - Brian Palaganas - email:, Jackie Taitano
1990 - Michelle Ungacta
1991 - Marie Tenorio - email:
1992 - TBA
1993 - Lee Anicas
1994 - Angelo Andres - email:
1995 - Lyn Camacho - email:, Shalina Matanane - email:, Madrid Borja - email:
1996 - Eric Borja - email:, Monzell Bautista - email:
1997 thru 2019 - for POC information contact Eddie Cruz email:

For more info: Call or text us.
Eddie Cruz at 671-482-1600 (Guam)
Bobbie Paulino Meno at 671-488-5857 (Guam)
Email address:


How To Submit Data and Photos

On a periodic basis, lists will be sent to each class point of contact/representative. Each list will be distributed with the names of classmates from that year that we will need to obtain data and pictures. The point of contact or POC as we call it will be responsible for verifying the following:

First Name:

Maiden name: if it is different from their current last name. If it is the same as current name, leave blank

Last name:

Then you need to find a picture either from the yearbook or a picture from the high school era or year as close to it as possible for the badges. Take that photo and put it in a picture file. When you capture the photo, name the file by class year, space, and then first name, space, maiden name if any, space, and last name. For example for a person named Jessica Rabbit who is married and her maiden name is White from the class of 1969, her file name would be 69 Jessica White Rabbit. For a male who’s name is Jack Mehoff from class of 1972, his file would read 72 Jack Mehoff.

Take the data and the picture and send it to me at

The email should say on the subject line: Mega Picture

On the body or message of the email, it should read : the name of the person in the order of First Name, Maiden Name and lastly Current Last Name and the class year

You can submit multiple pictures and info on an email. Be sure to make all pictures attached as separate files. The pictures must be as high a resolution as possible. If not, they can be blurry when printed on the badge. The preferred file type for the pictures is jpeg. But we can convert nearly any type.

As soon as the pictures are received, they will be formatted and badges printed.

After badges are made, they will be delivered in one of two ways. If they are off island, badges can be mailed at the attendees cost if requested. After March 10, no badges will be mailed. However, the majority of the badges will be delivered to each Class POC for distribution. They will be distributed weekly at the POC meetings after February 10. Each POC will sign for and will be responsible for each badge. Remember, these badges are like money. It is a ticket that provides entry to each event. After March 25, all badges not distributed will be collected and a last attempt will be made to distribute them at the Mixer, the Gala, and the Sunday event by a control entry representative. Replacement badges will be printed at a charge of $5.