March 27, 2020
2 days since
our Reunion.

Hafa Adai! Earlier this weekend, President Trump declared a National State of Emergency under
the Stafford Act--unleashing the full power of the federal government and making billions
available in federal resources and equipment stockpiles. To access these resources and elevate
our level of preparedness, I am declaring a Public Health Emergency under the laws of Guam.
But before I discuss that with you, you and your families deserve answers to three important
questions: What is coronavirus and how is it spread? How will each potential or confirmed case
be treated? And what actions can you take to protect you and your family?
Addressing these questions effectively requires preparation--not panic. And the best way to fight
that panic is with knowledge. Coronaviruses are a large group of viruses that can cause illness in
animals and humans. Some coronaviruses frequently circulate in humans and cause mild
symptoms of the common cold. According to the World Health Organization, just 5% of all
coronavirus cases are critical. And while we can become infected with coronavirus, the elderly
and those already sick with diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, and other serious chronic
medical conditions are most vulnerable.
Coronaviruses are most often spread through tiny droplets released during coughing or sneezing,
through close personal contact, or through touching your nose, mouth or eyes before washing
your hands. Knowing this, Guam's pandemic plan has worked to keep Guam safe from day one.
If you are sick and are concerned about COVID-19 infection, stay home and call your doctor. He
or she will evaluate you over the phone, and you may be asked to go to the clinic for testing. We
have test kits and can deliver results within 24-48 hours. If you test positive and your symptoms
are mild, you will be asked to stay home--subject to monitoring by Public Health officials. Those
needing isolation and hospitalization will be treated at the Skilled Nursing Facility. The Guam
Army National Guard will provide security and logistical support. And, we are coordinating all
of our efforts with the Department of Homeland Security, CDC, the White House, and others.
Because travel of infected persons is one of the clearest methods coronavirus is spread, we took
clear and decisive steps early. If there's a sick passenger onboard a flight from an affected area,
airlines call our tower prior to landing. If the sick passenger meets criteria for a Person Under
Investigation (PUI), we activate a Public Health nurse and a Bureau of Communicable Disease
staffer to the airport to conduct both a clinical and epidemiological assessment. Our Airport and
Customs officials know and use the protocol. This screening occurs on every incoming flight.
I also ordered the hiring of Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Certified Nurse
Aides to increase our presence and screening efforts. Many of them are on the job right
now--operating thermal scanners, and screening tourists throughout the airport. Quarantine areas
have been designated at the airport since the start of the outbreak and while self-quarantine is the
recommended method, other contingencies for community quarantine are already in place.
I've also ordered that all government travel in the Executive Branch be canceled. And, I ask that
our sister branches follow suit. If a government employee does travel on personal leave, I've
asked all directors to insist that each employee self-quarantine for a minimum of 14 days. I urge
everyone to do the same.
If an individual test returns as "presumptive positive," the lab result will be confirmed by a CDC
lab as required by their criteria. That individual will remain in isolation and those they came into
close contact with will be monitored by Public Health.
As COVID-19 moves throughout the world, other facts become more evident. The first is that
government alone cannot contain this virus. Countries that lessened the impact of this pandemic
implemented additional social distancing early. That means we need your help.
While 80% of COVID-19 cases are mild or show no symptoms at all, our manåmko’ and sick are
more vulnerable than others. If you fall into this group, stay home. Again, if you feel sick,
regardless of age, don't risk infection or pass a potential infection to others. For this reason, I am
asking all employers to allow those with flu-like symptoms to stay at, or work from home
without penalty for at least 14 days.
I am also ordering the closure of all public senior centers by close of business Wednesday. If you
are hosting a social event for 100 people or more, that event will also be canceled, effective
Wednesday at 5 p.m. These mandates will remain in place as necessary.

I am your Governor, but I am also a mother, a grandmother, and a nurse. And there isn't anything
I wouldn't do to protect this island and our families. That said, I will use whatever legal authority
I need to keep us safe. And I will not shrink from my responsibility to each of you.
Finally, know this: this struggle is dynamic. By the time you hear this, some of the facts I
presented to you may have changed. But, we always work to give you the most accurate
information we can. We do this as quickly as possible, provided experts in science--not social
media--can confirm the information we provide. We won't get it right 100% of the time--no one
does. But, we continue to refine our processes--improving our plans to fight a global pandemic
no one saw coming.
All throughout my life I knew that Guam was small but the strength of its People was mighty.
Our faith, our commitment to each other, our willingness to work together for the sake of
everyone in our community--made it so one generation grew stronger than the last.
That is our choice amid this new threat. Let's not surrender to fear and panic. Let's draw from the
deep well of hope and strength that has defined our People for generations. Be calm, stay
informed, do your part, and trust that experts are working around the clock to protect us.
Together, this is how we will keep Guam safe.

You're Invited
To Our Worldwide ISLANDERS

Forever Green With A Heart Of Gold.

Join us in Guam USA for a milestone gathering of Tumon-JFK alumni, March 27-29, 2020, to celebrate 60 legacy years of the great institution located by the cliff's edge - “Kanton Ladera”.

A special call to the 1960's to 2019 Alumni's and the"Tumon" pioneers, many residing in the US Mainland, to come back for these special homecoming events. Like our village fiestas, these events are OPEN to all.

Entering our senior years, the convergence of time, relationships and social media have helped us to stay connected. In Guam, the pilgrimage shall be complete - authentic as the Islander values and hospitality that continues to guide us. 

Make your plans. Let the fun and excitement begin - with those who matter most - your families, friends and classmates.

It’s our calling, the time has come.


For online tickets, see the MENU Section.

NOTICE: Friday,  March 13, 2020
Official Statement From the 2020 JFKHS MegaReunion Committee
No Refunds, Postponements or Cancellations are offered at this time.
We have paid vendors, the hotel, and bought supplies. The statue is here and all costs have been paid. In order to keep costs down and affordable to all alumni, the funds have been allocated and spent. We are proceeding as planned.
Currently, there are no travel restrictions from the US mainland. Travel through Manila is not restricted. Only domestic travel within the P.I. Is restricted. United is offering free rerouting on flights from the mainland to Guam.
There are no known COVID-19 cases on Guam, the CNMI and Micronesia as of today. Our airport screening facilities are second to none and is in operation all the time. We as an island government, under the leadership of Governor Lou Leon Guerrero, have made preparations in case we do receive travelers with suspected symptoms of COVID-19. Quarantine facilities are in place. Therefore Guam is a very safe place at this time.
Until the government declares that an outbreak of COVID-19 exists or the federal government orders travel restrictions from the mainland to Guam, the events will go as planned at the Dusit. Our contract does not mandate them to refund our obligated funds until government mandates require them to do so.
Until the Guam Department of Education orders us to cancel the Sunday events, those will also go as scheduled.
Additionally, the Committee has been carefully monitoring the situation. We are sympathetic with everyone’s concern and has considered everyone’s request for a refund. We do suggest that anyone who personally cancels their plans to attend, first make an attempt to sell their tickets to another potential attendee. We will make internal transfers at no charge.
Other non profit organizations are In concurrence with us in that the events will proceed as planned until the government makes some kind of official declaration prohibiting us to hold such events. Cancellations for events such as FestPac and the Guam United Marathon are due to the reason that the government chooses to cancel because they are sponsored by the use of public funds.
The Committee continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation and will post official notices and updates here on our FB page as well as our official website. Any official communication should be sent to . It is the Committee that will address all requests and concerns.
Eddie Cruz, CEO
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